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Thursday, July 21, 2016 1212hrs As temperatures hit the mid 90's the Engine Company from the Landover Road station were called out once again. This time to 7113 Kent Town Drive where reports of smoke filling the home were being reported. The Engine Company with 6 volunteers arrived on the scene to find a 2 story duplex with smoke showing from the front door. The wagon driver sleeved a hydrant across the street as the crew stretched the 250 foot line off the rear of the engine. The engine officer completed a 360 and reported basement access on side charlie and smoke showing from side alpha. The engine made entry into the first floor where they were meet with a smoke condition a limited visibility. After a search of the first floor no fire was found and the engine company stretched into the basement. Once in the basement a fire involving the laundry room was found. The fire was quickly extinguished and the incident was scaled back.  




Thursday, July 21, 2016   The crew had just returned from a small basement fire in the first due and were re-filling SCBA cylinders, and re-packing hose when a box alarm was transmitted for the 1900 blk of Rochelle Ave in company 826's first due. Engine Company 826 arrived quickly and reported a two in the front and three in the rear garden apartment with fire showing from the first floor. The working fire dispatch was put out brining Tower Ladder 33 and 6 volunteers to the scene. The tower was positioned on side alpha and the crew gathered the RIT equipment to fill out the RIT compliment standing by. The crew also threw multiple ground ladders due to the high occupancy level of the building and fire suppression taking place on multiple floors. The crew operated for 1 hour before returning to service.




Wednesday, July 20, 2016 2256 hrs  Just prior to 2300hrs multiple phone calls began coming into Public Safety Communications reporting fire coming from a house at 7624 Oxman Road in the Palmer Park neighborhood of Company 33's first due. The box alarm was transmitted and the engine and tower from Kentland responded with 11 volunteers. As units were responding into the scene updated information began coming in reporting that the fire was spreading to a second home. Company 33 arrived on scene and reported a 1 story residential duplex with fire showing from all sides. the engine secured their own water supply across the street, and the Kentland Front Bumper line was stretched to side Alpha to begin extinguishing the blaze. The crew from the tower began ventilating the structure and throwing ladders as the interior crew paired with the engine to make the push and search for anyone still in the house. The engine company extinguished the fire and searches by the tower proved negative and everyone had made it out safely. Units remained on scene for several hours to assist with investigations and do extensive overhaul.




Friday, July 1, 2016 1422 hrs  Just as the volunteers were finishing an afternoon drill they were put to work when PSC dispatched 1923 Vermont Ave in Kentland's first due for a report of a house on fire. Engine 331 responded with 5 volunteers. Once on the scene the engine laid out an initial supply line and positioned side alpha, where the crew was meet with a 1 story single family dwelling with fire showing from the basement. The crew began stretching the Kentland Bumper Line as the officer completed a 360 of the home. Basement access was found on side charlie and the officer directed the crew to stretch the line to the rear to make access to extinguish the fire. The crew forced entry and once inside found fire involving a couple of rooms in the finished basement. The engine company made quick work of extinguishing the fire. The engine remained on scene for just over an hour and a half to assist with investigations.




Thursday, June 30, 2016 0517 hrs  Just after 0500 hours Public Safety Communications began receiving calls for smoke coming from a home at 14956 Marlboro Pike in company 820's first due. The box alarm was transmitted and Engine 820 arrived on scene and reported a one story single family dwelling with smoke showing all sides. Tower 33 was the second due truck on the box. Engine 820 located a bedroom on fire in the rear of the home. Tower 33 arrived on the scene and the 6 volunteers went to work laddering the home, providing ventilation, and the interior crew began opening up to expose hidden fire for interior hose crews. Units operated for 45 minutes to extinguish and overhaul the fire. 




Wednesday, June 29, 2016 1256 hrs  While temperatures were reaching into the mid 90's during the height of the day multiple calls began coming into PSC for a report of a house on fire. PSC sounded the box alarm for 7625 Lake Glen Dr in company 819's first due. While responding in units reported that they had a large column of smoke entering the neighborhood. PSC sounded the working fire dispatch brining Tower 33 and Chief 33b with 8 volunteers. Engine 819 arrived on the scene and reported a large 2 story residential with fire throughout. Companies began an aggressive interior attack on the fire. Tower 33 arrived on the scene and positioned to utilize the master streams if needed. The crew went to work supplementing the RIT on side alpha. Chief 33b was assigned interior by command. With the structural stability of the home rapidly decreasing, and the fire being well advanced command requested the evacuation tones be sounded and for Tower 33 to set up for master stream operations. Once water supply was established to the tower, it went to work extinguishing the fire, and completing overhaul operations. Units operated for just over 2 hours to bring the fire under control and ensure complete extinguishment.




Monday, June 27, 2016 0114 hrs  At 0114 hours the box alarm was transmitted for 17210 Harmon Pl in company 820's first due. This assignment brought Tower 33 with 6 volunteers as the first due truck. While units were responding into the scene Public Safety Communications began giving serval updates reporting that there was possible extension to a second house and the original home looked fully involved. With these supplements the first due battalion chief requested the task force be sounded. Engine company 820 arrived on screen to report a 1 story residential with fire showing. Fire had started in an attached garage and was spreading rapidly into the interior of the home and into the attic space. Tower 33 as the first due truck arrived and positioned on side alpha and the crew went to work throwing ground ladders, ventilating, and opening up for interior crews. The gas meter on the residence had been damaged due to the fire which was now creating a gas feed fire on the bravo side exterior wall. With all interior fire extinguished and all searches negative the home was evacuated and Tower 33 set up a master stream to keep the gas feed fire in check while waiting for the gas company to arrive. Units operated for just over 3 hours before returning to service. 




Sunday, June 19, 2016 0832 hrs  The box alarm was transmitted for 9320 Fontana Dr in company 28'3 first due, for reports of a house on fire. Engine Company 33 and Chief 33B with a total of 7 volunteers responded on the box alarm. Engine 331 ran as the 3rd due engine. First arriving units reported a 1 story residential with an addition, with fire showing from the addition. Engine 331 arriving on the scene laid out a secondary supply line to the fire and the crew stretched the Kentland Bumper Line to the dwelling. The officer of the engine company checked the main structure finding no extension. the crew stretched into the addition with the first due engine to assist in extinguishment. Units operated for approximately 1 hour to extinguish, overhaul, and assist investigations. 




Wednesday, June 8, 2016  Yesterday afternoon, just after 1230 hours, Engine Company No. 33 responded on a working house fire in the 6700 block of Dorman Street (Landover Hills, Maryland). The crew from Engine Company No. 33 established a continuous water supply and advanced an attack line to the second floor, where they encountered high heat conditions and zero visibility. The crew began extinguishing visible fire and soon found that a majority of the remaining fire existed in the knee-wall (void) areas of the home. After a valiant effort, crews were evacuated from the home by the Incident Commander. As this was being completed, one-member from Engine Company realized that the firefighter assigned as the "Lineman" seemed extremely fatigued and disoriented. As crew members exited the home, half of Engine Company No. 33's crew removed the distressed firefighter via a ladder at a second floor window. Once the member reached the ground, EMS personnel began treatment and an evaluation. It was found that the firefighter had received minor burns to his fingers, ears, neck and shoulders. Upon transport to an area Trauma Center, he was treated and released within three-hours. He will be carried in a non-operational status until he has recovered. The Officer and Membership of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. would like to thank everyone that has contacted the leadership of Company No. 33 as well as individuals that have inquired about our member's well-being.




Tuesday, May 31, 2016  Engine company 33 started their morning off responding to 7531 Courtney Pl for the reports of a fire in the home. Engine 331 with 5 volunteers responded on the box alarm as the second due engine. Once on scene Engine 331 secured the first due engines water supply and they reported food on the stove and to return the assignment.

The engine had not been back into he firehouse for more than a few minutes before a second assignment was put out. This time at 6918 Beacon Light Road in company 13's first due. The Landover Road Engine Co. responded as the 3rd due engine. The first arriving engine reported nothing evident from a 2 story single family dwelling. Once they entered the home a fire was found involving the kitchen. Engine 331 arrived secured their own water supply and stretched a 250 pre connect to the rear of the home, the officer in charge reported conditions in the rear and then the engine crew stretched through the interior basement to check conditions. units went in service after 30 minutes.



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