Off-Duty DCFD Firefighter Helps Save Partial Amputation Victim, Rescue Engine Extricates

While responding, PSC advised that off duty personnel were on scene confirming one trapped with possible amputation.

Apartment Fire in Bunker Hill

At 19:30 hours Tower 33 was alerted to an apartment fire in bunker hill (Co 55). Crews arrived with fire showing from the rear of a 3 story garden apartment.

Fire at 11500 Block of Dunloring Drive

Companies arrived with fire showing from the rear of an end of the row townhouse. The fire quickly extended and spread to 4-adjacent units.

“Harder Than You Think” Video Released

Joke over. Here is the release of the new video.

Driver Training

As two-crews staffed Company 33, a third crew was out completing more driver training. Engine 332 was utilized to simulate master stream operations, water supply operations and general pumping skills.